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How We Help Institutional Investors

InvestX offers institutional buyers access to the leading growth companies in the private market. With private company growth outpacing public company growth and private companies generating stronger returns, the ability to access a greater volume of these investments becomes an imperative.

InvestX’s issuer relationships and inventory of private companies coupled with the liquidity available through our trading platform, allows institutional buyers to have greater exposure to the private market than has been historically feasible.

Pension Funds

Hedge Funds

Investment Managers

Key Benefits

Access to liquidity, allowing you to more easily buy and sell your private securities

Research and tools that provide insights into private company valuation

Quick and transparent transaction process

Due Diligence Support

Institutional pricing

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InvestX Trading Platform

Solving the liquidity problem of private investments

  • Solve the long hold period of private investing
  • Creating more opportunities for liquidity
  • Opportunity for trading of non-InvestX product(s)

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